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"Our firm can provide you with advice on this subject through our qualified team of professionals. In order to obtain suitable protection, it is essential to evaluate the most appropriate form of applying for an industrial design and the possibility of protecting a specific object through other complementary registrations."

The Law on the Legal Protection of Industrial Designs (7th July 2003) makes it possible to protect a two or three-dimensional creation by means of an:


This modality serves the purpose of protecting the appearance in whole or in part of a product, which derives from the features of its lines, contours, colours, shapes, texture or materials of the product itself or its ornamentation.

The product may be any industrial or handcrafted item, including the parts for the assembly of a whole complex product, its wrapping, presentation, graphic symbols and typographic characters, excluding computer software. Term of protection: 5 years from the filing date of the application, which may be renewed for further 5-year periods up to a maximum of 25 years. 


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