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INVENTIONS - Patents and utility models

"We cover the various technical fields (mechanics, electronics, physics, computers, telecommunications, chemistry, pharmacy, biotechnology, energy technology, etc.)" 

  •  Retrospective patent searches.

  •  Reports on patentability and risk of infringement of third parties’ rights.

  •  Drafting and translating specifications and claims and preparing drawings.

  •  Filing and prosecution of patent and utility model applications.

  •  Preparing and drafting replies to official actions, reports on the state of the art, examination reports and oppositions.

  •  Preparing writs of observations to patent applications and oppositions to patents and utility models of third parties.

  •  Drafting and filing appeals.

  •  Surveillance, payment reminders and payment of maintenance fees (annuity fees) for granted registrations.

  •  Providing advice concerning licences for patents and utility models.

  •  Recordation of changes of name, assignments and licences.

  •  Preparation and sending of cease and desist letters for infringements.

  •  Providing advice in infringement proceedings.

  •  Drafting of expert opinions and technical reports.

  •  General consultation.

  •  Assessment of registration portfolios.

  •  Obtaining copies of patents.

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